Company Treatment & Welfare



According to the national wage standard, extra working hours will be paid according to the labour law.

2)Merit pay

Issues according to company’s performance assessment standard.

3)High Temperature Allowance

According to the requirements of labor law.

4)Night shift allowance

In addition to overtime payment, there also have night shift subsidies.



Accommodation and cafeteria will be provided to all staff for free, and staff lives outside of the company will get accommodation subsidies.

(2)Social insurance

The company pay endowment insurance, employment injury insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance after 2 months of employment.

(3)Annual leave

Employees whose cumulative working time are over 1 year but less than 10 years, have 5 days of annual leave per year, for those over 10 years but less than 20 years, have 10 days of annual leave per year.

(4)Official holiday

Vacation will be according to the labor law.

(5)Holiday Treatment

Traveling and dinner party or other benefits will be provided at Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn festival.

(6)Staff birthday party

Once Every month.